Environmental Policy

T&L Wholesale has a moral obligation to help protect its environment. The company is fully aware of the impact that is has on the environment, especially through carbon emissions. It is the policy of T&L Wholesale to take the quickest and most fuel efficient route when planning deliveries, in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Contracts are in place for the recycling of all plastic and cardboard waste, with weekly collections made. There are also wooden pallet collections weekly. Every effort must be made by all members of staff to ensure that recyclables are placed in the clearly marked bins provided, in order to reduce recyclable waste going to landfill.

T&L Wholesale are committed to finding innovative and alternative solutions to unrecyclable food packaging, and educating customers of the dangers that some disposable food packaging can have on the environment. The company will continue to increase its range of biodegradable and environmentally friendly product lines, while phasing out polystyrene and plastics where possible.